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EMEA Projects


Green Policy

EMEA Xpress is respectful of the environment. Our plan is to secure 75% of last-mile delivery with green vehicles until 2026.
City center deliveries will be done by electric or hydrogen vehicles.
For now, we prepare for our partners CO2 emission reports annually. We also offer the possibility to compensate for emissions via different programs.


One of our main projects is to have several warehouses in the EMEA region (Europe, Morocco, and Turkey). This way, we will be able to manage regular shuttles from/to warehouses and achieve time & cost optimization for our partners.

These sites will allow us to do the last mile by green vehicles.

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Taking care of our team is important to us. We have spacious offices in different locations. We have put in place different training programs for personal & professional development. Our multicultural team is globally oriented and eager to grow, thus professional development is strongly encouraged.

To further our future development, we organize team meetings twice a year.  We gather input from team members located in different countries and set strategic goals together. 


EMEA Xpress is investing in a  business intelligence software. 
Since 2022 we have our tailor-made software dedicated to our services, which helps us to better satisfy our clients.

API connections are available as well as online tracking, and direct communication 24/7.

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